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UMKC Downtown Campus for the Arts

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Been in the works for a few years now.

September 2014: Helix (local) and HGA selected to design the project

More info: http://info.umkc.edu/artscampus/

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KC Biz Journal
UMKC fundraising campaign clears $250 million goal — and then some

At an event on the UMKC campus celebrating the event, Chancellor Leo Morton said the campaign has raised $32 million of the $48 million in private sector support necessary for launching the university’s proposed Downtown Campus for the Arts. Morton promised to raise the remaining $16 million soon.

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Wanted: $10 million more for UMKC’s downtown arts campus - KC Star

“Anonymous” was the big donor, committing $3 million in the latest fundraising round for the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s proposed downtown campus for the arts.

That recently announced commitment was joined by $1 million from the R. Crosby Kemper Charitable Trust and Foundation and $500,000 from the Francis Family Foundation, contingent on the school receiving matching funds from the state.

The newest gifts bring UMKC to $38 million of the $48 million it needs to raise from private sources by June 30. That’s the deadline to apply for state funds to cover the remainder of the $96 million project that aims to build a new Conservatory of Music and Dance.

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Funding milestone looks to be reach for Phase 1 of the project.

UMKC raises $48M for downtown arts campus, seeks match from state

The first phase of the downtown campus project will include a new home for the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, which would replace a collection of outdated and spread-out facilities on the Volker campus with state-of-the-art practice and classroom space.

UMKC downtown conservatory campus dollars up for vote by system curators

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Headed to the Governor’s desk, after passing through the Senate.

(Liam) #7

With over two weeks left until the July 14 deadline for Greitens’s signature, the Board of Curators have announced that they are developing plans for an alternative funding match in lieu of state funding.

It appears they caught wind of Greitens’s intent to veto the funding bill.

It is no doubt a smart move away from depending on the Governor’s decision, but it could also take some of the heat off him if he does eventually veto the bill.


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Project might be getting bigger with delay.

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…or never come to existence.

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Interesting stuff happening here. Barney Allis being floated as an option.

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Greitens resigned today – opens up strong possibility of passing funding for this in near future.

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RFP issued.


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Stick a fork in it.

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New UMKC Conservatory To Be Located on Volker Campus