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Two Light | Downtown | Residential (295 units)

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(Bob Specht) #21

A rendering I didn’t catch in the article. Looks like it might extend onto the retail currently at the corner of 14th & Grand?

(Liam) #22

Good find. I was able to grab a larger version of that rendering. In the background, we get a glimpse–or tease–of Three Light and Four Light, too.

(Bob Specht) #23

Four Light doesn’t look very residential in that rendering, unless the penthouse is insane, more hotel-esque.

(M Hudson) #24

The newest rendering supports the hotel claim. Also shows the cap. Renderings don’t always mean too much, but it is it interesting to see multiple renderings include a W logo.

(Bob Specht) #25

Crane going up.

(Bob Specht) #26

Current height.

(Bob Specht) #27

As of last night.

(Bob Specht) #28

Leasing now happening. Leasing center open where One Light one was on Main St.

Despite 2018 opening date, Two Light units are leasing fast

(Bob Specht) #29

(Bob Specht) #30

From Sunday.

(Bob Specht) #31

(Bob Specht) #32

Final look from a distance outside.

(Bob Specht) #33

Tenant announcement in the AM.

(Bob Specht) #34

Coworking it is.

(Bob Specht) #35

Now open.