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Two Light | Downtown | Residential (295 units)

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(Bob Specht) #16

Fences went up yesterday. Here we go.

Work begins on Two Light apartment tower - KC Star

Underground site preparation has begun for Two Light, the second major apartment tower tied to the Cordish Companies’ Power & Light District development.

An official groundbreaking has been set for March 14, according to Nick Benjamin, who leads the company’s Power & Light business.

Meanwhile, traffic lanes on Truman Road have been narrowed to accommodate work on the 24-story tower that will occupy the block between Grand Boulevard and Walnut Street. The site currently is a parking lot.

Two Light, proposed as a $105 million project, comes on the heels of the successful debut last fall of One Light, a 25-story tower at 13th Street and Walnut. The initial $80 million tower opened with 315 luxury units that were 80 percent leased at the outset.

The Two Light plan, as introduced last April, is to include 300 luxury residential units on 18 floors atop six stories of parking and commercial space. The garage, proposed for 499 spaces, is to include public parking.

Both towers are receiving public dollars, primarily to assist the garage construction costs. The deals also provide 25-year property tax abatements on the added value of the developments, but Cordish is making payments in lieu of taxes that Benjamin said are greater than the 50 percent abatement.

(Bob Specht) #17

A few more details coming out about the project, including some alterations to balconies on the south side.


(peter agnello) #18

Is groundbreaking on the 14th?

(Brian Hartley) #19

Yes, that is correct.

(Liam) #20

Here is an article on the groundbreaking with new renderings.

Two Light ‘groundbreaking’ celebrates growth of Downtown - KCBJ

(Bob Specht) #21

A rendering I didn’t catch in the article. Looks like it might extend onto the retail currently at the corner of 14th & Grand?

(Liam) #22

Good find. I was able to grab a larger version of that rendering. In the background, we get a glimpse–or tease–of Three Light and Four Light, too.

(Bob Specht) #23

Four Light doesn’t look very residential in that rendering, unless the penthouse is insane, more hotel-esque.

(M Hudson) #24

The newest rendering supports the hotel claim. Also shows the cap. Renderings don’t always mean too much, but it is it interesting to see multiple renderings include a W logo.

(Bob Specht) #25

Crane going up.

(Bob Specht) #26

Current height.

(Bob Specht) #27

As of last night.

(Bob Specht) #28

Leasing now happening. Leasing center open where One Light one was on Main St.

Despite 2018 opening date, Two Light units are leasing fast

(Bob Specht) #29

(Bob Specht) #30

From Sunday.

(Bob Specht) #31

(Bob Specht) #32

Final look from a distance outside.

(Bob Specht) #33

Tenant announcement in the AM.

(Bob Specht) #34

Coworking it is.

(Bob Specht) #35

Now open.