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The View at West Bottoms | West Bottoms | Residential (267 units)

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(Bob Specht) #1

Location: 1501 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64101
Developer: MCM Co. Inc.
Investment: $57.6 million
Groundbreaking (planned): Mar 2017
Completion (planned): Mar 2019

Type: Residential
Size: 267 apartments
Pricing: Market

Construction: Renovation
Height: 5 stories
Space: TBD sq ft

Parking: TBD spaces

(Bob Specht) #2

Exceptions help $57.6M West Bottoms project elude abatement cap

(Liam) #3

Construction set to begin soon.

Project images also provided in story:


(Bob Specht) #4

Permits moving: https://compasskc.kcmo.org/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService#/plan/0cecd413-de96-49f0-a721-a97c8d887614

RENOVATE (4) BUILDINGS / CHNAGE IN USE AND (2) PARKING LOTS PER PLANS REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE. (6) Building Permits will result from this application. Bldgs (A), (W), (B), (L), PKG Lot 1, & PKG Lot 2.

1515 W 9th St Unit/Suite: A-BLDG
925 Wyoming St Unit/Suite: W-BLDG
1529 W 9th St Unit/Suite: Lot
930 Wyoming St Unit/Suite: PKG LOT 2
912 Liberty St Unit/Suite: L-BLDG