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The Summit on Quality Hill | Downtown | Residential (258 Units)

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(Bob Specht) #1

Location: 700 W 12th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Investment: TBD
Groundbreaking: April 2015
Planned Completion: Mid 2016

Developer: Cityscape Residential (project page)
Architect: NSPJ Architects
Construct: TBD

Type: Residential
Units: 258 apartments
Pricing: Market

Construction: New
Height: 4 floors
Space: TBD

Parking: Surface parking lot (new)
Transit: TBD

Tax Abatement: 25yr/58%

Apex on Quality Hill | Downtown | Residential (138 units)
Crossroads West | Crossroads | Residential (221 units)
Apex on Quality Hill | Downtown | Residential (138 units)
(Bob Specht) #2

Groundbreaking will be tomorrow for this and the Apex on Quality Hill project.

(Bob Specht) #3

Ground broken, switching to ‘Under Construction’!

(James Wehmueller) #4

(James R) #5

Architect is NSPJ of Prairie Village.

(Liam) #6

Comstruction seems to be going along nicely, you can see it from the highway now.

(Bob Specht) #7

This project is massive and getting closer to the finish line. Quality Hill will have a whole new life with these things leased up.

(Bob Specht) #8

Looks like a new coffee/bike shop, Spokes, will be opening in the development early next year: http://www.spokeskc.com/

Apartments on the west edge look close to occupancy from a recent drive by.

The development looks to have a new joint website with the nearby Apex project: http://www.summitapex.com/