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Second and Delaware | River Market | Residential (275 units)

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(Bob Specht) #7

Energy-efficient Second and Delaware apartment project moves forward
KC Star

A Kansas City taxing authority on Thursday approved the issuance and sale of up to $30 million in Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds to help finance acquisition and construction of the Second and Delaware apartment project in the River Market.

The authorization by the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority is part of the financing needed by developer Jonathan Arnold for the residential complex that’s earning national attention for its innovative energy efficiency and “lean construction” processes.

(Michael W. ) #8

Anticipated groundbreaking is end of November.

(Liam) #9

Anyone know the progress on this project

(Bob Specht) #10

Haven’t seen any dirt moving yet. Look like there might be some small equipment in the area.

(Bob Specht) #11

(Bob Specht) #12

Work underway on ground-breaking Kansas City River Market apartments - KC Star

Heavy equipment began rumbling this week on Second and Delaware, a planned apartment complex in Kansas City’s River Market that will use “greener-than-green” building techniques.

Amid an explosion of downtown area residential construction, the $62 million Second and Delaware project is unique in its Passive House Institute-certified construction, a building method that is more energy-efficient than the highest LEED-certified standards.

(Bob Specht) #13

Good portion of 2nd St blocked off, and a lot of dirt being moved.

(Bob Specht) #14

Dirt hauling is picking up pace.

(Bob Specht) #15

Below ground garage is well underway.

(Bob Specht) #16

Few updates here. Now shooting for October 2017 opening. Single tower crane currently onsite.

(Nic Z) #17

A picture from the Northeast corner of the site (taken on Jan 28th). Good view of the garage.


Residents are currently scheduled to begin moving in on March 1, 2018.

(Adam Jones) #19

Uh oh: http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2017/06/26/contractor-sues-developer-of-60m-river-market.html


Anonymous sources have told me that HarenLaughlin has discontinued their work on this project. Legal battle is likely, from what I understand.

(Bob Specht) #21

Things are still in holding pattern. Little info here.


  • Arnold Development is planning to restart the Second and Delaware project in April, but that’s subject to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recasting and resizing its loan for the project.
  • Negotiations with a new general contractor for the project have resulted in its total development cost being increased from about $60 million to $96 million.

(Liam) #22

I’m glad to see this project get back underway.

  • Target construction restart date: August 2018
  • Target completion date: (roughly) May 2020

(Austin) #23

Any word on who the new contractor is going to be?

(Bob Specht) #24

Crew on-site recently – not sure I can make out the firm on side of truck, though.

(Adam Jones) #25

Crossland had trucks out there last week.

(Bob Specht) #27

Rolling again in August.