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Removing North Loop

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(Eric bunch) #16

Agree. Capping 670 should be a very low priority. It could cost nearly a billion dollars to accomplish and there’s no shortage of developable land in downtown to incentivize developers to help cover the cost.

Realign 70 and 35 onto what is now 670 and remove the loop. Eventually realign 35 along 18th St. Expressway in KCK and remove the elevated lanes that run from downtown KCMO and through Rosedale.

Then… maybe cap 670.

(Joe) #17

Agree that capping 670 shouldn’t be a top priority in downtown development. Maybe down the line, but I’d like to see more development eliminating surface parking. As far as the north loop goes, tear it down. South Columbus Park seriously needs to be integrated into the grid of downtown. This neighborhood is disconnected on all sides even with it’s convenience to the riverfront, River Market and the rest of downtown.

(Liam) #18

Although all the trench facing balconies on One Light makes me wonder. At 30 million a block for basic capping, maybe we aren’t too far off.

(Liam) #19

I mean two light.

(Liam) #20


Panel Sponsored by KCMO and MARC on Thursday. Discussing replacement of North Loop Highway with mixes use Commercial and Resedential Higherise

(Joe) #21

Business Journal cover story this week has the ULI group the city asked to study the north loop giving the recommendation for removal of the north loop. Group says the teardown could provide a “big bang” for the downtown area, though redevelopment could take up to ten years:


(Liam) #22

Make it a train station. Lots of available and relatively low lying land. Sounds like the perfect opportunity

(Bob Specht) #23

Here’s the full ULI TAP report.

(Ashley S) #24

Continuing the discussion from Removing North Loop:

Here is the report from the North Loop TAP I served on with ULI. Just joined your conversation here. Looking forward to continued discussion!

(Craig) #25

Agreed especially since commuter rail cannot use Union Station of the BNSF track.

(Craig) #26

Good for you for serving. what has happened since? almost 1 year ago.
In general the report was informative. there are other macro options and raison d’etre here. Parking below is one as ingress from 3 directions. But multi-modal conversion is really a killer app and opportunity here. KC’s next big step in transit (past the UMKC connection) is commuter rail. Too sparse for light rial, commuter rail solves a few needs and it can only intersect the streetcar here and it must. As well as buses, and commuter parking. Commuter rail can reach Lawrence, etc (all spokes) on existing track and be the farm club for KC talent and labor force. Plus ingress into an urban core where cars (at least as we know them) will be obsolete someday and the Ballpark can sit just south of the ditch, west of main. Does nto have to be incorporated into this but definately takes advantage of it. Think big and think now.

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #27

i think union station is worth fighting for.

(David Vickers) #28

It looks like 3rd and Grand is supposed to be the transit hub for river market with commuter rail, streetcar, buses, etc. 3rd and Grand couldn’t really get an east/west commuter line, but I doubt they would put that line on the north loop area if 3rd and grand is to have commuter rail as well. I agree with Kyle, Union station is worth fighting for. Maybe an east/west/south line going into Union Station and a line going north from 3rd and grand.

(Craig) #29

KCATA announcement was just a dream. All kinds of reasons that does not work for a transit hub. Union Station is seemingly the right move but BNSF and the underpasses to widen is a non-starter unfortunately. Next best is the I-70 loop with under cover parking and ballpark above/adjacent. solves three things.

(David Vickers) #30

The Mid-America Regional Council has launched an effort to close the north loop called “Beyond the Loop”. They are hosting a kickoff event on February 23 at the central library: http://www.beyondtheloopkc.com/event/. The study area also encompasses the Broadway Bridge and the Lewis and Clark Viaduct. It looks like the study will take about a year.

(Liam) #31

Speaking of dreams: it seems to me like the North Loop could work nicely with the [very early] Hyerloop ideas.


If this were to become a reality, I’m sure there would be a big push to have Union Station as a hub. But the North Loop would become increasingly more attractive as it develops into the center of gravity for multimodal KC transit.

(Liam) #32

Here is a list of narrowed alternatives for the North Loop released by Beyond the Loop at last night’s Initial Alternatives Open House (available here, starts on page 8):

A.) No Build Alternative
Baseline alternative

B.) Safety Adjustment Alternative
Minor changes near Broadway; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St.

C.) North Alignment Compressed
Shift I-70 to north and reduce from three to two lanes; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St.

D.) South Alignment Compressed
Shift I-70 to south and reduce from three to two lanes; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St.

E.) Center Alignment Compressed - Option A
Center I-70 and reduce from three to two lanes with partial lid over highway; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St.

F.) Center Alignment Compressed - Option B
Center I-70 and reduce from three to two lanes with partial lid over highway; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St; removing 6th St. between May St. and Charlotte St., replacing with bridge across I-70 to Independence Ave.

G.) Full Removal
Re-designate I-670 as I-70; Highway 9 brought down to grade at Missouri Ave. and 5th St.

(Liam) #33

Also, Beyond the Loop is looking for public input through this survey.

(Bob Specht) #34

New Broadway Bridge is, apparently, coming soon.

(Bob Specht) #35