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Power & Light District chat

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(Bob Specht) #1

Discussion relating to the Power & Light district in Downtown.

(Bob Specht) #2

Doesn’t look like any plans are immediate, H&R Block is keeping options open for air space over the block west of their current HQ. Looks like purchase must be made by July 2016.


(Kyle Mc Cullough) #3

i see you found that article. are you following them in the market? its hard to say how likely it is that they will follow through with the purchase but their optimism leaves me hopeful.

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #4

H&R Block stock soars

(Bob Specht) #5

Will be interesting to see if they take further steps in the coming year they have to decide. A prime location right on Main St.

(Bob Specht) #6

First-ever “Urbana” event, put on by the district, happened tonight. 14th Street between Main and Walnut was closed for the activities.

(Bob Specht) #7

(Bob Specht) #8

No Other Pub opens Monday.

Hotel Nightclub getting $1 million makeover.

Million-dollar makeover for Power & Light District nightclub

(Bob Specht) #9

Rally House opening in long vacant storefront next to Sprint Store.

(Bob Specht) #10

Where the second H&R Block tower was planned.

(Bob Specht) #11

(Bob Specht) #12

Few tenant changes / adjustments. Permits out there for each.