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Power & Light Building | Downtown | Residential (215 units)

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(Bob Specht) #1

Official Website

Location: 106 W 14th St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Developer: NorthPoint Development (project page)
Architect: NSPJ Architects
Construction: Neighbors Construction
Investment: $64 million
Groundbreaking: December 3rd, 2014
Planned Completion: Late 2015

Type: Residential
Units: 268 apartments, 1bd/2bd
Pricing: Luxury

Historic Tower
Construction: Renovation
Units: 215 apartments
Height: 34 floors (476 ft)
Space: 230,000 sq ft
Construction date: 1931

North Building
Construction: New
Units: 53 apartments
Height: 5 floors
Space: TBD

Parking: Retail/residential-wrapped parking garage (new)
Transit: Bus stop on adjacent corner, near under-construction downtown streetcar line

Tax Abatement: 25yr/36%, $8M TIF

(Bob Specht) #2

Photos from yesterday of where the new North Building will stand. Lots of dirt moved recently.

(Bob Specht) #3

Looks like a restaurant/bar is desired for the lobby of the historic building. A number of concepts being requested for the street level shops in the new building: http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=29e58961222c8cc2302cc9ecf&id=3c795b8558&e=01734c6fd3

Tenant entrance will be on the south side + parking garage skywalk.

(Bob Specht) #4

New rendering of the pool area on the roof of the new construction building.

(peter agnello) #5

Looks lie the onelight pool

(M Hudson) #6

It might just be the awkward perspective, but that image almost implies that the final P&L North building will have a different look than the original rendering above. The pool image shows setbacks for balconies.

(Bob Specht) #7

What are you thinking would look different from previous rendering?

(Bob Specht) #8

Lots of ground moving for the new construction on the north side of the building.

(Liam) #9

Lots of progress in the new construction. It’s a prefab.

(James Wehmueller) #10

(Bob Specht) #11

North building still progressing.

(Joe) #12

This has always been my favorite skyscraper in the KC skyline. Would be cool if they were able to bring back a way for visitors to travel to the top and enjoy the view, while not being disruption to the new residents. During decent hours, of course.

(Bob Specht) #13

Believe their plan is to have a tenant-only lounge/bar area at the very top. You’ll have to buddy up with someone moving in!

(Joe) #14

Buddy up I will, haha! Excited to see this building see new life.

(Bob Specht) #15

Residents are moving in to P&L building. Believe most of the north building is topped out or on last level.

A bit annoying that garage entrances will be on both Baltimore and 13th, bad experience for a high pedestrian area. Sounds like Baltimore entrance will be for Hotel President guests.

(Bob Specht) #16

North building is getting closer. Looks like there are about four floors still undergoing renovation in the main building.

(Bob Specht) #17

Things are pretty much wrapped up here. Aggressively leasing, first month+ free, at the moment.

Also, came across this older concept recently. http://alsationlandco.com/project/power-and-light-condos/

Would have definitely been a different type of project for Alsation (who I hadn’t heard of). They’re set to build a project in Denver next year.

(Bob Specht) #18

Looks like a food tenant is working toward a build out in the new building at 1310 Baltimore. Work by Schwerdt Design Group.


UPDATE: Permit has been updated to now show PT’s Coffee as the tenant.