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(Bob Specht) #1

Developments and happening around the Plaza, including West Plaza, South Plaza, Nelson-Atkins and UMKC areas.

(Bob Specht) #2

Whole Food-anchored project looks to be ready to go. June 30th kickoff.


(peter agnello) #3

46 penn centre is gonna add on to the plaza skyline.

(Bob Specht) #4

New thread for 51 Oak, ceremonial groundbreaking today: 51 Oak | South Plaza | Mixed-use (Whole Foods, 170 units) | Early 2018

(Bob Specht) #5

Board of Trade building getting ready for Populous.

(Bob Specht) #6

Plaza neighborhood apartment tower to be overhauled

A nine-story apartment building east of the Country Club Plaza has been bought for $5.2 million by a Chicago investment group that intends to begin a major remodeling in January.

The buyers, represented by Sean Connelly of the real estate firm 33 Realty, have purchased Plaza Towers, an 84-unit brick building at 209 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. The Plaza Tower, located a half-block east of the Plaza-area Winstead’s restaurant, has been home to many college students over the years as well as some long-time residents.

The new owners intend to upgrade the apartments to “condo quality finishes with modern design,” Connelly said.

He said the company expects to end up with one- and two-bedroom apartments that rent for between $945 and $1,200 a month in the fall of 2016.

(Liam) #7

The Plaza is for sale.

(Bob Specht) #8

KC Biz Journal
Highwoods Properties announces plan to sell Country Club Plaza

Highwoods Properties announced Wednesday that it intends to sell all or substantially all of the Country Club Plaza, the nation’s oldest vehicle-oriented shopping area and one of Kansas City’s most attractive residential, commercial and tourism spots.

(Liam) #9

Heard on KCRAG that Van Tuyl may have bought the Plaza.

(Andrew ) #10

Highly doubtful… The plaza is projected to be valued around $1B, the Van Tuyl family is wealthy, probably worth around $3B, just doesn’t seem like something theyd allow their VanTrust real estate company to take on… but then again a joint venture would not surprise me…

(Bob Specht) #11

Tesla just opened a store on the Plaza this week.

(Bob Specht) #12

New Plaza area development is running into some issues.

Towering mixed-use project proposed north of Plaza - KC Biz Journal

Plans for a mixed-use project calling for twin apartment and hotel towers on land Commerce Bank owns just north of the Country Club Plaza will be considered during the Dec. 1 meeting of the Kansas City Plan Commission.

Plaza Hotels LLC has proposed a 10-story, 252-room hotel tower and a 13-story, 168-unit apartment project over a retail village and a 519-space garage on a site bounded by Broadway, Wornall Road, 46th Street and 46th Terrace.

Plaza area project held, for now - Midtown KC Post

Hotel and apartment concept challenged for Plaza neighborhood - KC Star

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(Liam) #14

During Midtown Plan Discussion, Reps of buyer were at meeting to get height exception for a project just north of the plaza. Want to build high rise apartment over retail. Believed to have failed in getting the exception. Not sure but may have been same people who bought plaza - kcrag

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(Bob Specht) #16

KC Council rejects call to preserve three Plaza-area Nelle Peters apartments - KC Star

(peter agnello) #17

Have they started on the new office tower?

(Bob Specht) #18

Not that I’ve heard. Know there were some issues with the neighborhood and zoning, haven’t heard how those resolved.

(Bob Specht) #19

(Liam) #20

Update on Plaza Hotels LLC project.

[Plaza area neighbors fight hotel, apartment plan] (http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/development/article63427217.html) - KC Star