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Loews Downtown Convention | Crossroads | Hotel (800 rooms)

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(Bob Specht) #36

Hoping for a spring groundbreaking, according to latest updates. Doesn’t seem like there are any guarantees right now, though. Dec 20th deadline to show financing progress, but the City still hasn’t acquired all the land needed.

(Bob Specht) #37

Looks like there’s an agreement in place for the loan and an extension is no longer needed. Also, a new, less interesting rendering showing significant height loss.

Kansas City Star

Biz Journal
Convention hotel loses height but clears hurdles

(James Wehmueller) #38

very ‘less interesting’ …looks kind of how you’d expect a building to look that was ‘designed’ by an engineering firm. This is HNTB’s baby, isn’t it? seems to be a wasted opportunity to make a statement.

(Bob Specht) #39

Looks like rendering from opposite side. Things might get underway in May. Looks like we’ll be getting a mighty-large right across from Kauffman Center, ugh.

(Bob Specht) #40

On CPC agenda for next Tuesday.

4 JR 14. Case No. 9728-UR-5 – A request to approve an amendment to a previously-approved development plan in District UR (Urban Redevelopment) to allow development of the Hyatt Regency Kansas City Convention Center Hotel on about three acres consisting of the block bound by Truman Rd on the north, 16th St on the south, Baltimore Ave on the east and Wyandotte Ave on the west.
Applicant: Mike Burke, KC Hotel Development

(Liam) #41

(David Vickers) #42

This is supposed to be close to the final design. I prefered the original design, but it could be worse. According to the principal for Hyatt’s architecture firm, not everything in the design has been decided, but "the building is the height it’s going to be, it’s the footprint it’s going to be, and it’s the shape it’s going to be.” http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2017/04/04/hyatt-convention-hotel-design-delays.html

(Bob Specht) #43


(Kyle Mc Cullough) #44

looks like its been cut in half from the original rendering

(Liam) #45

Hyatt out, Loews in.

Also, a rendering with improved external design elements.


(Liam) #46

More renderings:

From Kevin Collison at City Scene KC: http://cityscenekc.com/new-renderings-of-planned-convention-hotel-show-transformation-of-current-downtown-dead-zone/

(Bob Specht) #47

Bonds are sold – brought in more capital than anticipated that will go toward the project.

(Bob Specht) #48

Vertical we go.


(Bob Specht) #49

Crane is going :up:


(Bob Specht) #50

Crane #2 being constructed – a lot of work done.


(Liam) #51

Follow the progress via Cindy Circo’s tweets:

(Bob Specht) #52

Got some height going.

(Liam) #53

Another photo from Cindy Circo:

(Liam) #54

More from Cindy:

(Bob Specht) #55