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KCI Master Plan/New Terminal

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(Bob Specht) #21

Well, a lot has happened since an update here.

Current design


(Anthony Hugo) #22

I don’t know what everyone else’s opinion on this is, but I personally feel as though one of the best features of KCI’s current design was the very low rise parking structures. It seems as though the designers were trying to keep the “easy curbside access” that the current KCI has, however, with them moving the parking structure so close to the building, it makes the entire front facade of the structure feel incredibly claustrophobic and cramped. I think it would’ve served the design better to bury just a few more floors under ground IOT allow for less rise so close to the entrance to the terminals. Just one mans oppinion, but what do you guys think?

(Liam) #23

I tend to agree with your opinion on the design and how it will affect the look, but I imagine the cost earthwork/digging down as far as they would need to probably was a major factor.

I know that excavation can get expensive in a hurry and imagine that an above-ground structure is more affordable; especially if it’s a pre-fab design.

(Bob Specht) #24

It’s a go. Ground should start moving within weeks.

(Bob Specht) #25

Crews on-site.

(Liam) #26

The JLL proposal was a complete joke.

(Liam) #27

Seattle is spending a few hundred million alone on their bridge.