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Kansas City Development Map

(Bob Specht) #1

(Bob Specht) #2

(Joe) #3

Nice! Love a good development map. Hoping this one stays more up to date than the Star development map.

(Bob Specht) #4

Indeed, anticipate to! That KC Star one was a bit of a disappointment.

(Liam) #5

Is there a way that we can update the map too?

(Bob Specht) #6

Currently, this thread will serve as that.

Will attempt to find a good, collaborative process! Especially if the community gets behind it.

(Liam) #7

Iron Horse Hotel needs to be added

(Bob Specht) #8

Thanks! Now updated with Iron Horse Hotel.

Kansas City Metro Development Map

(Bob Specht) #10

Took some time this weekend and put together a new map. More date included. Embeddable on here too!


(M Hudson) #11

Nice! I saw a few other proposals that could be included:
Old Federal Reserve Building
Traders on Grand
Congress Lofts
34+ Main Apartment
301 E. Armour