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(Bob Specht) #1

Location: Main St & E 20th St, Kansas City, Missouri
Developer: Sunflower Development Group (project page)
Architect: Law Kingdon Architecture
Planned Groundbreaking: October 2015
Planned Completion: 2016

Type: Hotel
Flag: Hilton
Units: 115 rooms

Construction: New
Height: 4 stories
Space: TBD

Parking: TBD
Transit: On under-construction streetcar line, near MAX bus stop

Kansas City Council approves billboard condemnation for Crossroads hotel plan
Construction on $16M downtown hotel could begin this year
Creepy Car Cave Proposed for Crossroads

(Bob Specht) #2


Very nice. Reminds me of development along University Avenue in Minneapolis/ St. Paul along their new rail line.

(Bob Specht) #4

Twitter is not a fan, if you click on the above tweet. Warranted, given street level is completely parking.

Still better than no development. Likely could be converted to active space, one day.


Didn’t notice the first floor parking. Is it the entire first floor or only a portion?

(Bob Specht) #6

Majority, it appears. Understandable shame to be on Main Street with streetcar.

(Joe) #7

I’m happy they incorporated a street level entrance on the corner, but still don’t understand why a lobby, restaurant, something (!?) couldn’t be incorporated around the pass through on the street level. It just seems weird, like a building built in New Orleans after the flooding. Don’t know much about these hotels, but overall disappointing design in my opinion.

(Dom) #8

Definitely wish there was more going on at the street level with this development. However, it’s good to see that KC is back on the nap for hotel development.

(Bob Specht) #10

Billboard came down this past week. Plans look to be continuing.

(Bob Specht) #11

Looks like an October groundbreaking is anticipated.

(Bob Specht) #12

896 sq ft of commercial space has been added to the northwest corner of the building while going through Council for rezoning.

A slight improvement, hopefully it will be done right.

(Joe) #13

Sounds like the Council had the developers commit to a larger retail space in order to better market the space. Though I still don’t understand why the lobby couldn’t take up the remaining street facing ground floor space, the compromise with the art panels is better than peeking into a covered parking cave.


(Michael W. ) #14

The GC was recently awarded the contract. Construction should begin soon.

(Liam) #15

February groundbreaking

(Bob Specht) #16

Starting next week, it appears. http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=21816da2618b1b5bb9e1df539&id=bcf26e1cdd&e=c3e0f8730e

(Bob Specht) #17

Ground finally moving.

(Bob Specht) #18

Going vertical.

(Bob Specht) #19

Topped out.

(Bob Specht) #20

Sign now up.