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Downtown Streetcar progress

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(Kyle Mc Cullough) #23

im interested to see if the lights will have any kind of streetcar marking or something to signal the driver of the streetcar as they do in other countries. can’t think of why they would seeing as how its running in mixed traffic and not making any turns but who knows

(Bob Specht) #24

Kansas City streetcar costs are comparable to other cities

"As Kansas City’s downtown streetcar construction project nears completion, the costs per mile of track are somewhat higher than Portland’s but below that of other new projects in Tucson and Cincinnati, according to an industry lobbying association.

The comparison by the Washington, D.C.-based Community Streetcar Coalition found that Kansas City’s cost is $25.35 million per mile of track, compared with $22.43 million in Portland, Ore.; $28.26 million in Tucson, Ariz.; and $36.76 million in Cincinnati."

(Bob Specht) #25

Final weld of the streetcar tracks happened near Union Station on July 20th.

(Bob Specht) #26

Second stop has gone in on 5th St in River Market. The stop is named ‘City Market’ and is the first to be “beautified.”

First beautified streetcar stop debuts in River Market

"The first of three streetcar stops beautified as part of Kansas City’s 1 percent for the arts program has been installed in the River Market.

On Monday, a stop adorned with artwork from Celina Curry was installed near the corner of Walnut and Fifth streets in the River Market. Two more will appear soon in the district — near the corner of Third Street and Grand Boulevard and along Delaware Street.

The first stop’s semi-translucent canopy is decorated with multicolored cartoon pictures of Kansas Citians. Curry was not immediately available to provide further detail about the artwork on the “City Market” stop or the other stops. Curry is one of two recipients of a $100,000 grant to produce artwork beautifying the streetcar project. The other recipient, Actual Size Artworks of Stoughton, Wis., is working on a sculpture project that will be installed at Union Station."

(Bob Specht) #27

August 1st construction update.

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #28


streetcar orders may delay opening to public

on the flip side, did anyone notice that the cinnci SC cost 133 mil for 3.6 miles? thats about the distance from union station to the plaza for 1.3x the cost of our starter line.

(Liam) #29

Is their route single or double track?

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #30

it’s sort of a single track loop. runs in a circle tracks are a couple blocks apart

(Liam) #31

So that 3.6 miles of track would be 7.2 for us because we double track our streetcar.

(Liam) #32

4th streetcar was due today. Daily late fee has been hiked to $3,000 per day.

(Bob Specht) #33

Will be interesting to see how parking adapts when streetcar is up-and-running. Ridiculous number of issues currently, including current Sporting Innovations lot.


(Kyle Mc Cullough) #34

lets demand an extra streetcar for free and then take the additional funds to expand the south terminus to the top of the memorial

(Bob Specht) #35

Getting closer. First streetcar should now be here by October 29th.

Streetcar construction down to 9 weeks; first vehicle will arrive in October

(Liam) #36

Progress is being made on a proposal to expand the streetcar. Hush hush at the moment. More details will emerge later

(Bob Specht) #37

Grand opening to occur May 6th & 7th.


(Joe) #38

Was downtown yesterday late afternoon and saw the streetcar at a complete stop near 16th street. Three white construction trucks looked to be parked over the line. Take it there is going to be an adjustment period for everyone who is used to parking downtown along the streetcar route.

(Bob Specht) #39

Fourth, and final, vehicle expected to arrive early April.

(Bob Specht) #40

1,000,000 riders in five months. Well above expected ridership, ~6,600 (actual) vs. ~2,400 (expected).

(Bob Specht) #41

Here comes 805.

(Bob Specht) #42

North Loop stop shelter coming soon.