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(Liam) #22

mixed-use redevelopment coming to 1721 walnut. more details to follow.

1706 locust also being redeveloped into office space.

east crossroads residential projects are being discussed, but nothing is solid. this is needed to balance out the retail and bar/restaurant explosion.

NE corner of 20th and main has changed to KC ownership (was previously with a bank from desoto). will go vertical, but exact plans not firm.

garage project being considered for 16th & walnut (currently all surface parking). more than just garage, but details TBD.

From the trustworthy @davekcmo . Knowing him all of these rumors are in the works. He is on the streetcar board.

(Bob Specht) #23

(Bob Specht) #24

Developers tackle another $8M Crossroads apartment project - KC Biz Journal

A Denver development partnership is planning to upgrade another Crossroads Arts District property with its second $8 million apartment project in the district.

Andrew Ganahl of Linden Street Partners LLC appeared before the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority board on Thursday to request a property tax abatement for the conversion of a former Kansas City Star paper warehouse at 1721-23 Walnut St. into 38 market-rate apartments over ground-floor commercial space.

(Bob Specht) #26

Renovation happening at 1721 Baltimore Ave.

Renovation happening at 15-something along the east side of Oak St.

Trash shoot on the Scientology-owned building at 18th & Grand.

(Bob Specht) #27

Messenger Coffee Shop + Ibis Bakery are in the middle of renovating 1624 Grand Blvd.


(Bob Specht) #28

Haw expanding to Crossroads, from space in West Bottoms.

(Bob Specht) #29

New ‘bouldering gym’ planned for 1-story building at 1710 Washington St, in ‘West Crossroads.’


(Bob Specht) #30

More beer in Crossroads. :beers:

(Bob Specht) #31

Deli coming into the former Pezzettino space.

(Bob Specht) #32

Scientology changing some things up with their renovation at 18th & Grand.

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(Bob Specht) #36

FuD coming to 1919 Wyandotte http://www.eatfud.com/

(Bob Specht) #37

Solid commercial get with Orangetheory headed to old Sundry spot.


(Bob Specht) #38

Hemingway Building (103 W 19th St) finished up event space build out a couple months back.

(Bob Specht) #39

After Action Network Tavern coming to 512 Southwest Blvd. http://afteractionnetwork.org

An adaptive reuse project to convert an existing comedy club into an educational & social club center for military veterans on the ground floor, an office for the organization on the second floor and building maintenance space in the basement.


(Bob Specht) #40

Plenty of Crossroads news:

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(Bob Specht) #42

Hoping this has some height to it.