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Corrigan Station | Crossroads | Office (144,000 sqft)

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(Bob Specht) #1

Location: 1828 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO
Developer: copaken brooks (project page)
Architect: Blackbird Design Studio
Planned Completion: Dec 2016

Type: Office (1st floor - Retail being considered)
Units: TBD

Existing Building
Construction: Renovation
Height: 10 stories
Space: 109,000 sqft
Construction Date: 1921

New Building
Construction: New
Height: 3 stories
Space: 35,000 sqft

Space: 144,000 sqft

Parking: 360-space parking garage (detached)
Transit: On under-construction streetcar line

(peter agnello) #2

Any news on when construction starts?

(Bob Specht) #3

Have heard there is significant work happening inside the existing building. No word on when the new construction is set to start.

Put out a tweet to copaken brooks asking for details:

(Bob Specht) #4

Architects have designs on a move to the Crossroads

"Hollis + Miller Architects Inc., one of the area’s fastest-growing firms, has designs on a new headquarters location in the Crossroads Arts District.

According to sources, Hollis + Miller has signed a letter of intent to occupy space in the historic Corrigan Building, 1828 Walnut St., and plans to move its headquarters there from Overland Park."

(Bob Specht) #5

(Michael W. ) #6

If this is the same project I’m thinking of, a walk through for bidding purposes is next week.

(Bob Specht) #7


(Bob Specht) #8

Renovation under way on Corrigan Station tower in Crossroads District - KC Star

Copaken Brooks and 3D Development have started redevelopment construction on the historic Corrigan Building in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, a commercial project they’ve renamed Corrigan Station.

City development officials say the estimated $42 million project represents the first speculative office development in the Crossroads since the new streetcar line was announced.

Co-developer Jon Copaken said a third part of the Corrigan Station plan — a three-story building that will extend west from the Corrigan tower — “will be tenant-driven, and construction is not imminent.” The 40,000-square-foot addition will front one of the Main Street stops on the streetcar line, which is scheduled to go live this spring.

(Bob Specht) #9

Windows coming out on east side.

(Bob Specht) #10

Garage construction has started along Walnut. Both sides of the sidewalk are currently closed, need better policy.

(Bob Specht) #11

Lot across Walnut torn up, tons of dirt moving for the garage.

Not too long ago, that lot held all the rail that makes up the KC Streetcar!

(Bob Specht) #12

A couple of restaurant tenants have been announced for the building and the parking garage.

Michael Corvino to Open Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room in Kansas City

New Crossroads Asian restaurant to showcase ‘dumpling rolling, folding’

(Bob Specht) #13

Another one. The Roasterie will open in the main building early next year. :coffee:

(Liam) #14

(Bob Specht) #15

Corvino is getting good press ahead of opening next week.

(Bob Specht) #16

Here comes Phase 2. Looks like reduced height from initial rendering.


16 PM

(Bob Specht) #17

Academy Bank will anchor Phase 2 – construction looks to begin next month. Main St adds yet another bank in Crossroads.


(Bob Specht) #18

(Nick Blaylock) #19