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Copaken & Brooks Tower | Downtown | Office

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(peter agnello) #1

Has anyone seen this?

(Bob Specht) #2

1034 Main. Indeed. Seems to be a proposal copaken-brooks has had for a number of years.

Looks like it’d go on top of the parking garage between Main and Baltimore, north of the current transit center.

(Liam) #3

Definantly an older design. If they ever build a new office tower, I would hope for something more modern.

(Liam) #4

Did anyone else notice that Copaken Brooks lists the twisty tower as having only 21,000 sq ft left available? Does this mean the tower is on the way?

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #5

i thought for sure this couldn’t be right but i checked it out and it used to have multiple 21,000 sq ft spaces available and now its down to the one. i think you might be right, maybe its coming

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #6

for comparison, corrigan station has 14 spaces available

(Liam) #7

From: https://cityscenekc.com/downtown-council-office-summit-offers-overview-of-potential-projects/