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Artistry KC (Milhaus East Crossroads) | Crossroads | Residential (350 units)

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(Bob Specht) #1

Location: 1901 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Developer: Milhaus
Architect: TBD
Construct: TBD
Investment: TBD
Groundbreaking (planned): TBD
Completion (planned): TBD

Type: Residential
Size: TBD
Pricing: TBD
Additional Uses: TBD

Construction: New
Height: TBD
Space: TBD

Parking: TBD
Transit: Main St MAX (2 blocks), Troost MAX (2 blocks), KC Streetcar (4 blocks)

(Bob Specht) #2

Not a lot of details yet – but looks to be a large, exciting project.

KC Biz Journal: https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2018/01/26/large-site-could-become-east-crossroads-first.html

(Bob Specht) #3

Update here. “Significant commercial space” will be interesting to see play out. Good that they see it as a push eastward to 18th & Vine – 19th definitely has work to do, tho. Like the current node of northside 19th between Holmes & Charlotte. 18th St road diet would be great to make happen.

(Bob Specht) #4

(Liam) #5

Tax incentives approved on Oct. 18:

  • 25-year property tax abatement:
    ** 10 years = 75%
    ** 15 years = 35%
  • Sales tax exemption for construction materials.

Construction to begin in December 2018.

(Bob Specht) #6

Final plan now available, pretty impressive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F1wTzBaLhO-fsxmox7Sxm0tU2eQa_xzG

(Liam) #7

Construction to begin today with permits clearing last week.

Let’s turn some parking lots into thoughtful development!

(Liam) #8

Will this project use a crane or two?

(Bob Specht) #9