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531 Grand | River Market | Residential (140 units)

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(Kyle Mc Cullough) #1

Omaha developer plans apartments near streetcar route

(Bob Specht) #4

Gonna make separate threads for these. Thought a 2nd & Delaware one was up. Will create a River Market chat thread too

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #5

it was my b

(Bob Specht) #6

Nope, all good! :grinning:

(Joe) #7

This rendering looks great! Looks to potentially be a nice addition to the River Market area. And building up a surface lot makes this project all the better.

(James R) #8

Couple new permits for this one as of March 14: http://kivaweb.kcmo.org/kivanet/2/land/summary/index.cfm?fa=1&pin=39157



(Bob Specht) #9

Look like we have a date and more details.

(peter agnello) #10

I thought the original rendering looked better

(Kyle Mc Cullough) #11


More renderings

(Bob Specht) #12

Sounds like construction barriers are going up around the site (and, predictably, blocking all sidewalks on the block).

(Brian Hartley) #13

About time!

(James R) #14

There are temporary sidewalks on the south and east sides - progress!

Those renderings of the interior look quire a lot like the new P&L building.


Living across the street from this project. Excited to finally see work starting. Not excited to be losing my view but market rate apartments and ground floor retail are far better for the neighborhood than a blighted dirt parking lot.

Been wondering if this is going to be timber framing on a concrete pad like Centropolis.


Plenty of progress.

(James Wehmueller) #17

Looks like they plan to demolish the historic Muehlebach Bldg on the SE corner to include more units as a ‘Phase 2’. Has this been approved? It will end up as a 1 story blank wall for the entire south, east, and most of the north elevation. Not a good ped experience in the long-term if north loop gets filled in and the Oak Street clover-leaf goes away to open up more parcels for development. Floor plans & elevations here: http://maps.kcmo.org/kcgis/rest/services/external/DataLayers/FeatureServer/35/38832/attachments/324

(Bob Specht) #18

Topping out.

(Bob Specht) #19

(Bob Specht) #20