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21c Kansas City | Downtown | Hotel (120 rooms)

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21c has plans to renovate the Savory Hotel on 9th St in Downtown. Renovation costs are planned at $43 million.


Kansas City’s Savoy Hotel and Grill has new owners, renovation plan

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First permits issued.

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First construction on site?

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KC Star Pieces from Kansas City’s historic Savoy Grill will end up in museum

The developer intends to put the project out for construction bids this fall and aims to begin construction early next year. It hasn’t announced an expected opening date for either the hotel or restaurant.

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Construction barriers and dumpsters appear to indicate the renovations are finally in progress for this 21c project.

Recent articles

Hotel Savoy’s redevelopment as a 21c Museum Hotel will begin soon

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Hotel completed in July. The Savoy restaurant opened a few weeks earlier.

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