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18th St Reimagined

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(peter agnello) #1

Concept of 18th St from Crossroads to 18th & Vine. Student project from Iowa State.


(Bob Specht) #2

Looks to be all along the 18th St corridor, making a better connection between Crossroads and 18th & Vine.

(peter agnello) #3

If it connects to the Crossroads,it would make a good streetcar line on 18th & vine

(Bob Specht) #4

It would probably need to be something more substantial than the current 18th & Vine district to warrant expansion that way. Don’t expect streetcar to be built anywhere but south on Main St to UMKC in the next five years. Rail will never make it back to the point of being on every street, it will focus on large arterial streets and 18th St isn’t that.